Hair Loss in Women Can Be Traumatic

Hair Loss in Women Can Be TraumaticHair loss in women can be traumatic and although it isn’t easy for anyone to deal with, it is especially difficult for women.  Women find a sense of identity in their hair. Most women see their hair as their crowning glory and feel beautiful with their locks of golden, nut-brown, jet-black, or copper hair.

When a women’s hair begins to thin it can be a source of depression and be a truly traumatic experience!

There are many remedies that could help women stop or slow down hair loss.  First, let us start with a change in diet.  This is a simple solution and easy to do.

Americans, primarily, have a high carbohydrate/sugar intake in their diet which can lead to many health problems.

As well it can lead to hair loss. In order to create a healthy environment for your body to create hair, you need three key elements in your diet.

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Hair Loss in Women Solutions

First, you need a healthy amount of protein in your diet.  Good sources of protein are chicken, tuna and other fish, peanuts, or even peanut butter.

When you add more protein in to your diet it will ensure that there is enough protein needed to create more hair and as well better quality hair.

Also, certain types of carbohydrates are good for the health of your body as well as your hair, but of course, in moderation.  And when we say carbohydrates, we mean complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, beans, carrots, fruits and nuts.

Stay away from simple carbohydrates such as foods with lots of sugar such as cookies and soda.

Dietary fats such as olive oil, good quality vegetable oils, and a small amount of animal fat are essential ingredients in your diet if you want to make your hair loss a thing of the past.

It is important to note that the lack of fat in some diets is what normally causes hair loss for women.

Hair loss in women is traumatic but you can do things to prevent it, and always remember that you aren’t alone.  Forty million Americans every year suffer from some sort of hair loss.

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