Stress Causes Hair Loss

Stress Causes Hair LossDid You Know Stress Causes Hair Loss? Yes, it is true, stress can cause hair loss, but did you know it’s the leading cause?

There are many things that affect the hair growth in your system but stress is the best-known cause.  The good thing about this is, stress can be prevented! As well, stress can be reduced which can be a benefit to your overall health.

There are many causes of stress, anything from work to children to your thirty-nine birthday (for the third time in a row).  The single most common cause of stress comes from work related issues.  After that comes your children and marriage.

Stress can be tamed, reduced but really never gotten rid of entirely. Since we know stress causes hair loss, all we need to do in order to prevent hair loss is eliminate the primary sources of stress from our lives.

If you tend to worry over work long after your shift has ended, you aren’t the only one!  Take a hot bubble bath, drink a glass of wine or engage in some form of meditative exercise like yoga to unwind after a long day of work.

Find different ways to manage your stress levels. Listening to music, going to a concert or even spending time with friends can make a big difference when it comes to dealing with stress.

Even something as simple as taking a brisk walk can help stifle the stress you have brewing inside of you. Going for a walk is a form of exercise. Exercising makes your body release a well-known hormone called endorphins.

Endorphins are known to make your stress level go down and your joy level go way up. So hit up the gym a couple more days a week in order to help prevent your hair loss.

Since stress causes hair loss, stop stressing and start relaxing.  You will get your well-deserved full head of hair in no time at all!

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